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The Evolution of Distinct

Distinct Plus

The duPLUS™ 2.0

Charcoal Filter

Clean Tip:

with reduced staining technology.

A Premium Touch

a firmer feel compared to the previous duPLUS™ filter.

The Charcoal Segment:

for a smooth taste.

A Taste that’s Distinctly Smooth

Our blend is crafted with premium hand-picked Virginia tobacco, grown with care, picked at first sunlight by our network of independent farmers and cured for up to 7 days to develop the ultimate taste profile. The Distinct Plus blend features a sweet, straw-like flavour.

A story of passion and dedication in every puff.

Our Innovative Active Response Paper

Offered on Distinct Plus, this paper burns as usual when you smoke it, and less when you don't, extending your smoking experience with up to 2 extra puffs*.

Distinct Plus

Distinctly different.

A state-of-the-art smoking experience designed by du MAURIER.

* Versus the average standard King Size Cigarette as per the method ISO 3308 - Routine analytical cigarette-smoking machine — definitions and standard conditions.