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Regulations require us to ask you the following.

Plain packaginghas arrived in Canada.

This will impact the look of du MAURIER’s packaging but not its smooth taste.


Plain Packaging Regulations mandate that packs must be in a standardized ‘slide-and-shell’ packaging format. The good news is, our KS 25 slide and shell packs are more durable than our hinge lid packs.*

Although the packaging has changed this does not impact the taste and quality.

*Based on internal rigidity testing of the KS 25 slide and shell and the KS 25 hinge lid packs.

FIRM BEYOND COMPARE - Redesigned duPLUS™ Filter

Due to plain packaging regulations, we have redesigned the filter, making it firmer than the original duPLUS™ filter.

This improvement allows you to keep the features of the previous filter, without changing the smooth taste.


Due to new plain pack regulations, our well-known Reloc™ Seals are also no longer permitted. Rest assured that you can always expect the highest product quality and freshness from du MAURIER. This packaging change DOES NOT change your du MAURIER taste.

Rest assured that throughout these changes, du MAURIER will continue to lead with meaningful innovations, while offering the same smooth taste.

Want to learn more about plain packaging?

Visit PlainPack.ca