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As a key export for countries around the world, tobacco is an annual crop, sowed at the end of winter and harvested in the early summer. To ensure product quality, we created an integrated production system that provides independent farmers with extensive technical and monitoring support.


du MAURIER products only contain Virginia tobacco. Harvested in steps by hand, only the most mature leaves are picked at once to ensure optimal quality. Farmers typically pick at the first sunlight.



The harvested leaves are cured in heated barns from 5 to 7 days. This process ensures that the optimal taste of virginia tobacco is met by eliminating unwanted components and fixating sugars in the leaves.


Cured tobacco purchased from independent farmers receives an internal grade related to quality and composition. Selected for its various styles and qualities, it is cut and mixed to create the blends you enjoy.

This is your tobacco.

Virginia tobacco varieties offer specific tastes and characteristics.


Early harvest

Straw-like with a touch of green grass. Hints of spicy, sweet notes.


Target harvest

Oaky base with white tea notes. Hints of caramel.


Late harvest

Yeasty and baked with hints of cereal. Sweet notes with a touch of caramel.

Modern design.

If it’s not better we won’t do it.

Redesigned duPLUS™ Filter

Firmer feel compared to the previous duPLUS™ filter.

Redesigned duPLUS™ Charcoal Filter

Offered exclusively on du MAURIER Distinct Plus, this filter is firmer than the previous duPLUS™ filter, with reduced staining on the mouth end. It also includes charcoal for reduced irritation and a smooth taste.

ACTIVE RESPONSE paper technology

Burns as usual when you smoke it, and less when you don't. Delivers up to 2 additional puffs* versus a standard King Size cigarette, extending your experience.

This paper is offered exclusively on du MAURIER Distinct Plus.

* Versus the average standard King Size Cigarette as per the method ISO 3308 — Routine analytical cigarette-smoking machine — definitions and standard conditions.

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Full bodied and velvety.

Firmer Filter
Full bodied taste
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